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argh...... im so freaking vexed now!
sometimes i seriously hate myself for thinking so much about stuffs!

anywayys, its about school stuffs!
you seee, today we went over to malvika's house to choose our timetable for next sem.
and since NPal crashed at the last min,
the class which we wanted to go were not available anymore.

and so we chose our second choice!
cabbed to amk to watch movie before heading back again
but awhile after that.... i started to regret! as in the timetable which we chose.

cause my timetable,
we end earliest on monday which is 1pm.
tues~thurs we end at around 3.

and just so i rmb... i have D3 on monday 6.30pm!!!!!!
which means i have to wait like almost 6hours in school for d3.
arghhh... dont really feel like.
and also, D3 also falls on saturday morning!

which means i have dance on monday, tuesday, thurs and sat!
moreover.. i've just call famous amos today .
and they may be hiring for the new outlet in yishun!

and since my classes end pretty early next sem, i wanted to go work.
but i stunned when they ask how many days can i work!
and i just realised i dont have any free days on hand.

arhh... im having second thoughts about d3 now.
cause its like mondayy i have to stay back 5.5hours. and sat morning back to sch too.
really worried that i cant cope.. and i cant commit. argh

its like i feel like quitting but i also dont feel like!
cause its been a long time since i ever had a good practice.
but im afraid i cant cope, when i've only have sunday to rest.
and i may be working. but then again....

teacher just assigned me to this performance in Oct.
i cant possibly say i want to leave.
and donn even got scolded just to get me in.
arghhh i dont know leis...

i like it and i dont feel like giving it up.
but then.... im afraid i cant cope! with work and all that.
okayy stop telling me not to work cause im totally on ZERO income.
screw TCC. and money is flowing out like water now. arghhhh.


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