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hahhaa. these few days either im completely lazy to blog or im too busy.
hehh. anywayy.. went back school for dance on tuesday. (:
but met up with fangjie beforehand to go eat at amk.
had subway. and im starting to love subway food! :D

anywayy.. headed school after that. duno why but that 1hr of dance seemed so torturous.
perhaps the air was too dry or smth, and my eyes hurt like duno what.
so didnt stay behind to practice and went home (:

wednesday actually wanted to go mum's office to work,
but ended up rotting at home. hahahah~
anywayyy, was pretty happy cause i finally found a dance partner!

that time for the nov comp, been around asking who's interested.
but either they have no interest or they're taken. LOL.
just nice stenphel was looking for one too so we formed partnership :)

so... went back school today to practice dance!
but met up with Edna and Stenphel to eat at J8 first.
hehh. at first was like so weird. cause the studio all seniors only.
and i only know some of themm. but anyway thats not the main point LOL.

good thing stenphel's my senior. so he guided me along,
help me improve my steps and all these.
and the other seniors were very nice too :D helped me alot.
hahaha so happy. but at least now i know wht i needa improve on.
my rhumba basic sucks ._.

was waiting for fangjie and keiko to come too.
but ended up they jio-ed us to town lol!
so me and stenphel went town to find them, dinnered and home :D

am completely tired today. my pimples all coming out.
imma gonna sleep early else really got no face to go out alr!


im going to be a housewife tmr at home doing housework.

(p.s.) and btw... i know u guys been wanting to know who's luciey right.
he's my....... lover HAHAH. luciey not his real name.. so is not a girl.
IM STRAIGHT ! (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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