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hehe im back to blog~
nowadays i think im suffering from insomnia alr!
have to count sheeps at night to make me fall asleep lol!
reallly lorr.. the other day i count until 130+ before i fall asleep!

anywayy, that morning was supposed to go find laogong!
and i overslept hahha :x
luckily he and his family stayed at yishun too
so went over to find him (:

so... brought him to plaza sing!
hahah told him im going to sell him away. :x
anyway, met up with coco, hh, nsm and nicole at PC bunk first~
and after hh was done we went over to Manhatten at plaza sing :)

wasnt too hungryy, and end up having just a mudpie.
gosh its so sinful can! didnt finish it anyway.. :b
marcus and linus came along after that!

hahah coco kept on teasing him,
asking if he's touched cause so many ppl came out to see him~

anywayy, accompanied marcus to taka after that.
met shaun, audrey and fish along the way. :D
walked abit before we headed down to suntec !

laogong have to meet up with his family there by 4.
while walking there, he suddenly saw his family lol!
too bad he gotta leave alr. =\
leaving sg that night~

so... continued walking with the rest :)
walked till suntec before they decided to catch movie!
wasnt interested in G-Force so psychoed them to watch Proposal hahah!

so end up all rushed back to marina square to catch the movie.
watched it for the second time,
and this time i still laughed till i cried LOL.

so after the movie they went for dinner while i went home first :)
saw brenda, ryan, damien while on my way back!


hahahah abit gross LOL.
that night when i came home, seriously fell asleep
without bathing LOL.

woke up at 11plus to go bathe, and somehow i cant fall back asleep le.
and got this mosquito kiss me on my ankle.
then i scratched till it bled ooops (!)

and just ytd when i went for dance,
was super painful in the afternoon -.-
see that plaster mark? hahahah.

dance was okayy.. just that class progressed abit slow =\
hope we're done with rhumba then we can move on to JIVE !!!!
Jive = my ♥♥

anyway, went back to old studio to practice after lesson ended
fangjie and keiko were waiting for stenphel to come.
hahhaha. and keiko was telling us about her partner LOL.
the want-to-flirt-but-seriously-cmi that kind LOL. so funny!

anywayy, 4 of us plus valencia and brandon,
we went to KAP mac to eat~ eat till 10.30 before we went home.

and... the stupid super glue spoiled my earpiece
which i put in the same pouch!!!
arghhhh, the whole rubber cover... -.- nvm
kaching kaching flew away $_$

sadddd. and i need to save up kaching kaching soon alr!
i need to buy myself a earpiece, a mouse,
and maybe private lessons sooon.
i wannna blogshop!!! super sad now ):

laogong, come back sg soon kay! hahha~ ♥

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