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Heys peepos.

hahahas. :D
i've just changed blogskin! no more navigational ones for the time being!
spent nearly 5 good hours on switching to this!
but most of the time was spent on designing it!

which is the picture which u see on top~
i wanted something like gold and white at the beginning..
but somehow as i searched for ideas i landed with this!
i like the clock!! and i painfully went to arrange them in circle and draw the clock arms!

hardwork hardwork!
and i kinda like the end result :DDDD


okayy anyways, for the short posts these few days,
is plainly because things aint going too well for me!
ever since the day which i selected my timetable, everything started going downhill!

now trying to pick things up along the way!
besides.... my stupid brother asked me to go play mahjong with his friends.
end up i lost big cause i kept watching tv, and i nv pay attention!
hahah. and they playing it big. heartache hahhaa! need save $$$$ !

oh and besides, went to sch for d3 today, and rushed back home after tt.
jeanie my cousin was coming over and i needed to tutor her! :D
so tutored all the way till night. lol, girl u have to pass ah!

and blah blah blah.... suddenly i dont know what to write.
wanna go plant my face in the pillow alr hahah!


p/s . just as i was about to log off, i realised i forgot to draw the third hand for my clock! hahah! ok tata

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