Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Heyyy yooo alll~

im back from visiting teachers in CCHY. :)
basically only went back to see Mr Lee Kah Chin as my main purpose.

must tell him how i fared in poly so i dont let him down :D
hahaha anywayy........ shall go into details another day.

just finished editing pictures for my blogshop..
but suddenly blogger something wrong again, so i shall update more clothes tmr.


and if you didnt notice,..


but is blunt bangs. (:
those without layering the fringe makes me look like a dolll!
but still... abit short. waiting for it grow longer~

okayy i shall sleep alreadyy.
spot my eyebags. 4.40am, having dancesports later in the evening! ♥

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