Monday, September 7, 2009


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My room looks super princess-sy now !

hahaha. since i had nothing much to do the other day,
decided to pack my room and do some housework around the house.
tidied my room, swept and mop floor, did some laundry.. etc etc.
and just as i decided to call the day...


can u believe.. i just swept and mop floor,..
and all these ants just suddenly appeared! it was running to one corner in my room..
which i usually didnt bother to clean.

cause that corner was stacked with stuffs which i dont use.
freak me out can! im more afraid of ants than cockroaches. (YES i am)

pulled one bag away, to see where the ants going.
and i suddenly saw one "nest" of them by the side of the cupboard!
but when i took the stuffs away, the ants disappeared!!

thought i see wrongly.. so took away all the stuffs, and just for in case,
i sprayed some Ridsect to the back of the cupboard . for in case!!
who knows when i came back from dinner,
i saw this bunch of ants dead on the flooor! alot can!!!
i guess all came running out from behind my cupboard..

freaked me out so much.
been having lots of nightmares about dirty things these few nights.
told my mum and she just brushed it off.
she blamed it on the ants, cause she said i got a shock from it. -.-



anyways, with me being at home most of the time,
do housework until there's nothing to do alr..
and just today (6sep) its shawn's bdae!


hahahha. i remembered making these chocolate cornflakes for him last yr. ((:
and since i had nth to do, went out to buy chocs, cornflakes and etc home!
made lots of them and now they're lying in my fridge.
i guess my bro's gonna sweep them clean by tomorrow.

anywayy... my ai ai came down to singapore today !
ytd he suddenly told me on msn that he's coming down to sg.
was so shocked ! but still... i was totally over the mooon! ^^

hahahha. so tmr (which i guess is later on) meeting him with some other friends~

and i know u guys are curious who he is.
shall not reveal hahaha! bye!

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