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hahaha. just had a performance earlier for SOE!but i've got so much pictures to upload hahaha!

anyway... performance was .... not bad i guess? hahah!
spent most of the time at the backstage camwhoring and everything haha!


can you find me? hahah!

waiting for another set of picts to be uploaded by my jiemei jaslyn haha!
then i'll blog them together (((((:

anywayy, after performance today we went to Mambo Billards again!
guess had been pooling too much these few days and was bored TTM!!
dont even feel like playing hahaha.

Had dancesports at night!
jive was fun fun fun!
an hour of it isnt enough HAHAH.

shyt man.. i want to dance now.
jive is ♥♥ !

was chatting with alex just now and he complained
he got no cool pict for his dp other than a gay shot with kahhao.
and so i went to kope one of his redsuit clothes and edit for him.

HAHAHA. cool right.
you owe me alot pratas now.

anywayy, other picts to be up soon~ hahah.

expected tmr to have no lessons...
and suddenly i need to go back for just 2hours of DSS workshop!

P/S : White-Vainity is up with new instocks!
support support! ^^

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