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i finally bought a new mouse!
after such a long time ever since
my mouse flew to the floor the other time and never survived.

anywayys, been out walking alot recently.
week 1 sure flew past so fast! assignments flooding in soon too!
went pizza hut the other day for lunch after craving it for so long!
hahaha. anyway, went to northpoint to walk about for awhile.

there's simply too much stuffs i need to get!
i need to get my earpiece. right now im still using my walkman earpiece,
with one of them having the wires exposed.
all thanks to some superglue which damaged the rubber cover!

and there's my mouse! needa get one for school..
and i bought an orange one! hahahah :D


went back t school for LMS just now.
i feel so cheated buying the LMS book cause its just like other what motivational workshops.
and then, it looks like OBSE! the content's the same too.
Johari window and what not. arghhh.

and my tutor........ happened to be some old woman.
and apparently she's has very deep seated beliefs about chinese traditions and cuturals etc.
2hrs plus going 3hours into the class then she rmb about our break!

i feel so cheated by her lorr. hahaha.
i was very hungry so during one discussion i asked if we're having break.
then she said "okok, right after this discussion".
who knows from there she went on to the next two discussion! .___.


anywayyy, took 74 today. planned to go home straight away.
so at kap bustop there 852 happened to be infront of 74 !
so i got off 74 wanting to chase it . who knows .......... dskjfhskldjg
shall not mention.

anywayy, since 74 went off and 852 too, decided to go somewhere else.
hahah! since we were released early. hopped on to 170!
wanted to try the route i was checking the other day.
and i landed myself at bugis! hahahah~

IM A LONER SHOPPER TODAY! but im not feeling lonely :)
hahaha! the gd point aboutit is that i get to wander anywhere i want.
heh. walked through bugis street today. saw so many things i FELT like buying.

but cannot be like before already! buy on impulse!
and by sponsoring those transport fares myself throughout the whole hols
totally squeezed me dry. and dad's house got burglar-ed into recently.
also dont really wanna approach him for money.

anyhooo....... my main purpose is to hunt slipper! hahaha! found one anyway :D
and i was so tempted to buy the fedora hat.. ugh!
i wanted to buy it long ago already... but kept pushing off the idea.
should i should i not. hmmmm..

went back northpoint after that. (:
and seriously i need to get myself some decent tanktops and etc.
went to cotton on, but i was too lazy t try them with my lappy and bag.
HAHAH. see laaaa..... so many things to buy! ktv partyworld faster open! then i can work!

been receiving messages from ddear about her school and everything.
felt so bad for her... but yet there's nothing i could do to alleviate her situation.
idk what i can help... but i do know how to help u unwind! thats the best we could do..
meet up soon! missed you like crazy ♥

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