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omigosh. cotton on finally opened an outlet at northpoint!!
am so so so happy!

ytd i was still contemplating if i should go down to causeway's cotton on to buy some stuffs.
who knows when i went to northpoint, i saw cotton on! ahahaha.

anywayy... something cropped up earlier this afternoon and i was super super late for dance!
dance today was so... exhausting!
didnt really have a time to catch my breath during rehearsals.

with all the twirling and stuffs it got so giddy!
and the next moment i was back on the ground i had to run to the other side again.
and now i got a blue black on my hip bone!
dont know why the lifts with ck was so cmi today. and kept falling off his shoulder.

anywayy... after dinner me kahhao and ck went to Cathay to watch Fame!
pretty nice! :) except for those spoilers which ck keep telling me. tsk!
watch till around 9plus before alex came over (:
and by then i headed home first. aahahaha.

and now i got a splitting headache. arghh.
dancesports tmr!

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