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teehee. im lazy to blog.
and i've cut my hair short, :D

& i got alot kahhao-trys-to-act-cute-but-ends-up-cmi
pictures in my phone taken by ck HAHHA
plus idiot ck glanced at all my narcissistic photos ._.

and and i feel like going queensway to buy my shoe.

i need SHOES.

my shoes cabinet is all filled with heels and nothing else.
okay i have one slipper :D

after so many years i finally wanted to go gym. ahaha.
but now i got no SHOE. cant go gym.
need to slim down already ahaha.

staying up late is no good. so many people trying to tempt me with FOOD.
evil mc flurry smiling at me each time i walk past Mac.

anyway............ shall i go queensway tmr or tmr's tmr?
my mum the lady highness ordered me to do all the housework tmr. ._.
should i set alarm wake up early or wed go?

but i need a shoe cabinet fix and wardrobe fix!
idk why my mum keeps complaining i have so much clothes.

if im going queensway i'd be going bugis too!
saw this white heels another day. feel like buying.
anyone want go shopping with me hahaha.

but i need chingching!
waiting for northpoint ktv partworld open then i go work part-time.
should i should i.
got more kaching kaching $_$.

got upcoming performance when sch reopens for Engineering Week.
so many rehearsals this week argh.

and actually im just typing whatever that comes to my mind.
okay tata. shall blog tmr if im not gg out ahaha.

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