women's instincts never lie.

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hahaha. today is such an abnormal day. because something got the better of me,
and i decided to set my alarm early in the morning to wake myself up. hahah!
so i woke up like around 8... teehee. had breakfast before going out for a short run. ((:

but today isnt a good day to run. my anemia seems to be getting worse o.O
argh i dont know. giddy spells keep hitting me of late. even when i stand up.
plus my new nike trainers are not well seasoned. HAHAH.
cause before i've even went up the hill (there's this hill around yishun) my legs are hurting!

the back part where there's abrasion with the shoes.
hahaha. but it hurts a lot less when i start running.
but still... i ended up with 2 torn blisters .___. one on each leg haha!
anyhoooo, had a short jog around before i went to buy some cut fruits back home. ((:

had nothing much to do, and decided to go back sleep. HAHAHA.
but i just realised how much time i wasted by waking up in the late noons.
woke up, did the household chores, washed clothes and by then its evening!
these few days had been busy publiciting my blogshop. CLICK CLICK & support!!

anyway, went out to buy crabmeat to cook with maggie mee! hahaha!
i think its very nice! (: went to sembawang to meet up with jingwen after that. (:
get my textbooks! idk why but im very excited about Blaw! hahaha!
went to CC to find edwin after that. his O lvls are starting tmr, and so i coached him in maths!
gosh now he lives in my neighborhood HAHAHA. gonna meet him tmr again (:

long time since we catched up, and he actually amazed me.
cause he has yet to use the com for the past 6months or so, cause his house doesnt have one.
gosh... if it's me i'll die without it.



anywayy, went to The Dance Academy on saturday night!
went to learn Waltz from teacher melvin as it's teacher sharon's bdae next weekend!
teehee. the routine is very simple and fun!
but i kept on slipping / almost fell down from the spinning and everything.
the floor is so slippery! went off early after that with tingwei. (((:

needa find cocktail dresses for next week... and im so glad nariko is lending me hers.
muackssss. teehee. i cant wait for next weekend!
cause saturday its halloween already!! :D

meanwhile....... its getting pretty late and i have tutorials tmr.
i shall work on my tutorials! GPA 3.5 !!

P.S. hmmms, quite a few have asked me about the locking of post thing.
hahahs. i shall blog about it maybe in my next post or something! getting late!


had been getting irritated with people looking down on my family.so what if my bro once studied in ITE ? so what if i studied in poly? who are u to deem that our family is just a bunch of people who cant study?

you know very well who you are, so what if your son went to JC?oh so you mean JC = brainy, ITE = doomed for life, and POLY = no future?

who are you to look down on us. to think we're still relatives. my bro passed his manual car license and you said he's destined to deliver goods and to drive trucks my bro will OF COURSE need a manual car license. kns. say what your son next time drive CARS, take auto car license can already. screw off man, seriously.

so now what? looked down on our family for the past decade or so? i'll just make it to the universities and prove you wrong. my bro will definitely succeed and make you eat your words back. oh btw, your daughter is currently still in her secondary life. are you so sure that she'll make it to a top JC, leave the school with high flying O lvls results? we'll see. i slipped at O lvls, but im not going to give u a chance to condemn us.

if you think you and your family is that great, stop contacting my mum and making all those insults at our family. just because that we're relatives, it doesnt mean that you have the right to insult us, and we have to tolerate. shutting our mouths and not saying anything doesnt mean we're OK with ANYTHING.

okie dokie goodnight.
off to do tutorials!

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