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goshh seriously! long time ever since i had such a long dance session like ytd.
from 10am to 4.30pm ! okayy, including lunch break. hahaha.
yesterday went back school for D3. completed the sleigh ride routine for xmas,
but it's kind of messy somehow in the middle.
teacher veron asked us to come up with our own routine! big headache.

anyway, after that was told to stay back to learn the Halo routine.
doing it for xmas too. lyrical jazz! :D
although this routine isnt too much of a technique....
i had a MAJOR headache trying to squeeze the whole routine into my memory.

kept on forgetting! everyone had to recap the front part cause i din know.
heh paiseh! anywayy, they were very encouraging. hahahah.
and there's quite a few ground work involved,..
which i ended up with bruises on my feet !

and today when i woke up i feel aches everywhere. T_T
now my back hurts all the way down my spine.
my right arm aches also. even my butt also la!!!

anywayyy, today gonna hibernate at home again :D
gonna polish my MAEC and start mugging for CT.
dont wanna leave everything to the last min.
must get GPA 3.5 by end of sem!!!
(which i have to pull up my previous GPA also sigh)

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