Friday, November 13, 2009


Hihi alll,

okayy, i know you guys had been requesting for this,
and finally i had time to blog about it!
hahahas, anyways, credits to nuer for this thing!
cause it was actually from her blog that i know how to do it. haha (:

okay, this should be very easy if you follow my steps. HAHAH.

Here's the webpage for that.
open it in a new window / tab or smth. click the word "encrypt"

Click on the pictures to enlarge. ^^
should be big enough i think..
follow the steps 1 to 4 and you're done!
teehee, why am i so smart :b

ohya anyway, copy the codes to under HTML page. else it wont work out fine!
but usually it works out fine i guess. hahahha.
who knows, i might be badmouthing all of you behind my back HAHAHAH.

do rmb to show some appreciation for my work okayyy.
if you intend to republish those screenshots you have to credit me!!!



do drop by for a look && support support please!

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