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omg! im going insane with those
aggregate demand aggregate supply
aggregate income aggregate expenditure.
aggregate here aggregate there

im so confused up by these aggregates.
all the defination doesnt tally to each other one lor!!

omg i think MIEC easier than MAEC ley!!

finished studying like GDP, those aggregate stuffs which i dont understand,
unemployment, inflation and money.

but i still dont feel like im productive today.
cause there's so much question marks everywhere
klsedjghdklsfjghlskfg. .................................

then now im mixed up with M1 M2 M3 or whatever Ms.
and i dont like banks and now my textbook is full of banking here banking there,
interests here, money there
. ....................... eeeeeeeeeeh.

tmr meeting up with friends to finish whatsoever projects.
so many!!! and at night needa rush back to school for dance.
and its wednesday already !!!

my DSS is due on thursday also which is like tmr!!
MAEC project work also. ........ just in case u think e-learning is fun,
i rather go back school lahh!! T___T
cause almost everyday im going back.

Monday - Project work in the morning 9am in school,
Dancesport S&W in the afternoon,
D3 at night!! (D3 got choreography for xmas, so happy!)

Tuesday - Collect passport in the afternoon,
Dancesport at night. (School)
Wednesday - Hibernation mode HAHAHA.

Thursday - Group meetup at SSC in the afternoon,
Dancesport at night. (School)

Friday - Dance technique classes at night at TDA.

Saturday - D3 in the morning in school,
maybe dancesport after that.

Sunday - chiong finish Elearning work !!!

and this is Elearning week for me. yay!

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