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should i start off by complaining how much work i have to do again? ahahha.
actually... staying at home to study proved to be quite productive,
cause i managed to polish off a few assignments... i think HAHAH.
but just as i thought i finished what i need to do,
more unexpected assignments came flying out. wth !!

anywayyy, this week had been going back school so often despite Elearning.
and E-learning = Extra Learning.
..... but on a side note... its also good for me. cause it serve as a wake up call

ohh, and the other day, met up with maorong after proj on monday.
he's stranded alone in Makan Place hahaha!!!
and so we went to Holland V. treated me icecream at ColdRock :D thumb ups!
and we had so much time so went popping into random shops.
headed back to school to help out at S&W while he went home.
and he owe me like... 20 debts!

anyway, helping out at S&W is fun, cause i get to practice my cha and whatever there too.
hahaha. and this year their batch is learning Waltz in addition to cha and salsa. envy!

okayy other than this,........ its all school assignment.
had been burning midnight oil all thanks to them!
and now my complexion is quite bad,... i need some me-time !

anyway, went out to do proj work @ Quiznos at Novena.
food is good, but service damn bad!! we were doing our BMGT outlet on Quiznos,
and so we had our fair share of analysing how they carried out business...
and not to forget, their service. i think we mark them down quite hard on that lol!

but anyway,.. managed to rush out my DSS there.
cant believe i finished my 3 lessons of DSS today. hahahah!!
and i just completed POA quiz.. which means im left with BLAW revision and quiz to do.
plus my own MAEC + POA revision. i should be done for the week ((:



anywayy, since i was hibernating at home on wednesday,..
decided to cook for myself!! hahahah.
i still rmb one particular porridge i ate at my aunt's house when i was like 8 or 9.
just diced fishcakes with rice ! and so i decided to just try it out.

i was still worried if i would need to throw away the whole pot if it sucked.
who knows..., it turned out superbly good HAHAHHA.
eating this in front of my comp watching dramas = heaven! (but im not no life!!)
and since i bought too much ingredient....

i cooked for my mum HAHAHAH. when she reached home from work.
she say look like baby food..... walaoos!!!
BUT (IN CAPS), she say it smells nice, tastes nice hahahah!!


okay i think i shall stop here.
heehee. my laptop is like...... can fry one egg already!
2am in th morning and i've yet to bathe lol!
gonna watch my drama later!! feels good to finish your work ((:


and nobody believed when i said Blk72 had a flood during the downpour last week or smth.
evidence !!!

okayy byebye!!

tmr gonna go for dance technique class again.
nooooo i dowanna do crunches T_T

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