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shall do a short update before i sleep. ahaha.
wanted to blog, but when i transferred my memory card to my comp,
i forgot to transfer my picts inside hahahah.

having MAEC test later. going to vivo after that, then back to school for dance prac till 10.30.
gosh. and i dislike _ to always give out updates w/o informing us.
and so we all always get the info LAST MINUTE. damn pissed off! $%$!@#%
anywayy,.. dance's gonna zap out my life after CT. performance this sat!

i wanna hibernate at home lei... ahahha.
and i realised i forgot to do my new year shopping.
Deardear and darling wru??? hahahahah~

and i did a new blogskin. heh heh. nice right :D
okay la am pretty tired. i dont blog like me today. shall go sleep!

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