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Ngee Ann Shirt yo!

and the black tee is with gold words HAHAH.
and stop telling me that NP shirt is not nice,
when ur OWN taste of shirt isnt that good at all, seriously.
hahaha anywayyyy, i have a truckload of pictures waiting for me to upload.
shall do it another day. im so drop dead tired now!
have started my revision for CT, and i need better time management! argh.

tmr's there's dance again from 6.30 to 8.30. sighhh.
the first thing i need to do now is sleep!
i dislike falling asleep halfway while doing something,
cause it gives me a very fitful sleep! (or whatever u call that)

yesterday i sort of fell asleep while i was surfing net again.
so i din really know if i shut my comp or not. i slept in my jeans. LOL.
anyway, had such a horrible nightmare.

so in the dream i was walking about, then i heard my friends saying about
some new horror movie named "Neighbour". i still rmb how the poster look LOL.
but actually it doesnt exist at all. but be amazed by my subconcious mind i tell u!
the horrifying guy actually looks like Joker, who likes to stand beside a toilet mirror, look at himself and he actually likes to eat his own dead facial skin cells (ewww)

and somehow, this guy suddenly became real!
and i became his target. so he suddenly appear at my house,
and tortured me wth!! like lifting me up and throwing me down on the floor. some psycho.
anywayyyy, somehow he left me alone after that,

annd suddenly im outside with my friends again!!
we were crossing this bridge while suddenly there's one boy dead in the waters below.
and some guy in black (which must be the murderer) quickly swam and docked under the bridge!

ok no link. and anyway, i was talking to my friend sitting down somewhere.
and when i was about to go, my friend suddenly went bokers and kept telling me to stay -.-
and all of a sudden i somehow knew he's going to turn into the 'joker' guy.

then i was back in my house. then suddenly one worm came crawling.
must be the psycho joker guy coming! he still sent me 3 warnings cause 3worms appeared LOL.
each one in different color okay! thenn just as i expected him to come after me again,

which means,...... i felt like i didnt sleep at all the whole night.
felt so disturbed. AND I RMB IT SO CLEARLY !

okay bye!

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