Time management

2:04 AM JustJaslin 0 Comments

am freaking tired and sick of all it.

its not like im the only one with CCAs and everything,
but why am i always getting the notifications last minute.
especially on days which i have to stay back for CCAs.

it always had to be on days when i had CCAs where obviously i cant attend or anything.
of course this makes me feel guilty cause i wasnt in the participation or anything.
but its not like i have a choice. the project isnt due like tmr or something.

im always faced with 4hours of sleep per day.
this whole week i cant even get to go home early.

am supposed to have dance tonight, and only received the sms at noon,
which request me to pass by tonight. how am i supposed to do it when i only reach home at midnight.

it feels like im always doing the shit stuff.

not for your eyes if you think im talking about you.

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