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finally its thursday and the week is ending! (Y)
gonna self proclaim holiday for tmr HAHAHA.


anywayy, had been a long day in school on tuesday :))
had like POA class test in the morning, before going to blaw lecture. so many ppl at lecture!
well its been a while since i went to blaw lecture HAHHAA.
stayed back to do project till 6, before meeting fangjie to go dance!

grats my ex-hubby fangjie. got a boyfriend already! which is non other than CK!
they finally went official already. was kinda expecting that hahahah!
long time since i went dancesports already. everyone was like "woah u're back!" hahahhaa.
cant blame. was busy lately and my passion for dance is like pretty low nowadays. heh.

dar0 love came to fetch me after that :))) made him wait for like an hour... so sorrry!
he brought me to somewhere along thomsom there to eat again. ^^ think the food there is nice~
after that went to somewhere (duno the place) to see stars! such a clear night. could easily count like 20plus stars in one spot! ♥


had presentation early in the morning. and realised my heels' spoilt during the presentation :P
had DSS after that! managed to figure out the data table and teacher praised me HAHAHA.
for once i felt hopeful that she wont be too harsh on my participation marks. since everytime i looked like i didnt do anything to contribute to the PBL case.

class dragged until like 4.30 instead of 4. made kj wait for me again. so sorry.. T___T
because of that his schedule was kinda messed up.. felt so bad about it....
ate wanton mee at old airport there at night before going to his housee. :))
so many baby fighting fish!! cute also. hahahha. slack till about 10plus before going home!
this time kejie drove us to yishun instead. hahhaaa. before sending his yijing home. :D


long time since i last met her. hahahaha. still as crappy as usual. missed her :D
had class in the morning till nooon... went for consultation... stayed back for project before going dance.
busy busy life. but nvmmm, i'll be free for friday sat and sunday! missing my love... gonna see him tmr!

♥♥ TKJ

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