gloomy wednesday afternoon

5:38 PM JustJaslin 0 Comments

Schoolwork is seriously weighing me down.

been skipping quite a few lectures and dance sessions lately.
yet time is never enough. my day in school is like from 9 to 9 ever since monday.
although today is ELearning, spent my whole day at my friend's house doing projects.

need a breather. need a breather. need a breather.

been wanting to do my new year shopping ever since christmas, but have yet found the time to do so. everyone is so busy busy. deardear's school term should have started by now too. been a long time since we ever had a heart to heart talk too.

sighhhhhhhhhh. my projects stretches all the way to 31 Jan.
class tests and revision lectures everything cramming in the early feb.
CNY on mid of february and my final semester exams falls right after CNY.

who's there for me to scream into the night. i feel helpless :(

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