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Happy 31 Days !

its been a month dar0! with many many more coming our way :)))
likewise with this picture, its a month old now ♥

this guy had been bringing me to lots and lots of different places.. stuffs which i never did before :D stargazing.. climbing over the fence and sitting at the edge just to enjoy the sea breeze and awesome night views.. etc. :)
enjoyed the times spent with you :) although they were never enough

besides, i seem to be putting on weight !
cause he had been bringing me around singapore in search of good food and ice cream~
& just yesterday he brought me to Aston's to eat and celebrate our 1month. :) food there is nice!

but he has been complaining his abs are going to be united kingdom already. hahahaha
cause i could never finish my food and he has to help me hahahaha. its the serving size's fault. see!



i forgot the name of it, but its like BBQ!
plus we get to choose our side dishes! ^^

the fries has some special spice that's added to them! ♥♥


and this was dar0's :D
black pepper chicken i think.. hahhaa. ^^

but anyway.. before that he brought me to 313 and Far East to shop.
but didnt see anything which caught my eye / have my size. zzzz.
so frustrating :(

OH and anywayyy,.. dar0's muay thai fish (i mean fighting fish) has just hatched!!!! this morning!
heard that there's many small tails wriggling. i only managed to see youtube vids of them.
i want to see!!! but too bad today and tmr might be staying back in school...zzzz
by then no more small tails wriggling already. im gonna get one baby and keep it for CNY ^^

right now im in BLAW class and cant wait for class to end.
and my head now thinking about food food food T___T arhhhhhhhhhhhhh..........

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