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hello guys!

hahaha, school reopens today!
and again im sick. now with C1R1.

ceylon road flu LOL. anywayy, its not that im blogging but im waiting for picts to be uploaded!
wahahaha. im still doing up the post for NYE, NY and my resolutions. :)

meanwhile, dar0's sick and hopes he gets well soon! :D ♥
after the new yr celeb at his house, i think 6 or 7 of us got sick!
just as i thought i was recovering, my cough and sorethroat came back T.T

ytd was sunday, last day of my holiday :(
told kj imma gonna go out with my mum for awhile while he takes a nap,
and just popped over at his house without telling him or anything. teehee.
i think his ahma was quite surprised. and dar0 got stunned by me (again)! hahaha.

this boy running high fever at home and still doesnt know how to takecare! tskkk.
luckily he got a lil bit better, and watched The Uninvited on his lappy to kill time.
hahaha. had home cooked dinner at his house before we sent me home at night. :)

and right now im sitting in POA lecture. nothing's going in my head.
lecture notes 24pages long (?!) HOW TO PRINT T.T

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