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just happened to chance on my friend's facebook profile and saw something which really piss me off.

seriously, guys should never restrict their girls on what they should do.
okay, maybe if restrict their girl to wear hot pants / low cut dresses or anything is understandable. restricting them from texting other guy-friends is already a wee bit over.

but what is restricting them their girls from even saying "Hi" when they bump into their friends on the road?

so you mean now she has got you she should stop all contacts / cannot even say a hello to her friends? seriously, you might as well go date a life size blown up doll. cant talk, cant run away. forever by your side. you can still do whatever you like to it. forever love!

and, to think that my friend is so called "blinded by love" that she is willing to do that. seriously. im not trying to be mean, but once her small little love bubble pops, she'll realise the cold hard truth. i've got nothing to say.


and anyway, been seeing lots of ugly sides of guys.

once you girls are attached, you're immediately striked off their "potential friends to be MY girlfriend" list and
off you go to their "screw themselves and die" list.

i despise it when people had been chatting with you for like quite some time, where you began to realise that actually their character isnt too bad like how others describe. and the very next moment, you see their ugly side!

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