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right now am in dar0's house! (((:

this guy ar... constantly tickling me like mad all along. TSK.
thursday today! school ended at 4.. with tutorials which i dont understand and all.
but what brightened my day is that he's coming to fetch me after my lesson! ♥

the other day he also came to fetch me. and since it was still quite early, dar0 packed sandwhich along with a packet of milo for me. :) so sweet of him. :)))

been spending quite some time with dar0 these few days too.
so gonna cherish every time and moment with him!
cause loads of project deadlines are gonna be due soon.. my weekdays are so gonna be packed.
hopefully he'll also be able to go home and get some proper rest too!

he had been bringing me to quite a few places..
been to many places which i've never knew it ever existed,..
including star gazing and so much more. stuffs which i thought i could only spend my life dreaming about them. :)

many people said now its the honeymoon period,
where sweet stuffs and everything would bore out sooon..
but to me it will never be :) its a thing of just me and you ♥

sometimes i may not show too much or let you know about what i feel..,
[cause i was pretty used to keeping everyone out of my head..]
which i worry it may let u feel neglected or smth (idk if you really did felt anot...),
but im constantly telling myself to change ♥

sometimes i wonder if everything is real, cause everything is just too good to be,
with you being a part of my life. ♥

you're waking up soon! gotta make this short.
i love you, yes you. ♥

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