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teehee. im back to blogg. its a saturday nighttt :)))

love saturdays ♥



been skipping loads of morning lecture ever since sem 2 starts. hahaha.
didnt manage to get back our maec papers on thursday lesson thou.
but hana sharpe dismissed us at 3pm! which means my only lesson for the day is 1hour long!
HAHAHA. envy not. but im gonna read up on the chapter as promised!

kj ♥ came to fetch me right at the class doorstep! hahah. cause lesson was at blk72 carpark.
rained cats and dogs. and dar0 went to khatib there to get another 3 muay thai fish~
since the 2 which he has now didnt breed successfully. the female injured by the male tsktsk.

after that went to yishun dam awhile before we decided to go catch movie!
went home to bathe first before going to yishun GV to catch The Spy Next Door.
quite funny and hilarious with the bloopers showing him saying "i hate english!"
watch till around 8.30 or 9 before we went to walk around. ate dinner at the Jap restaurant :D


friday had LMS presentation! went earlier in the morning tie up any loose ends.
presentation wasnt too stressed up as we compiled what we wanted to say into a 18min vid. :D
so i only had to say 3 sentences during the team reflection~ hahaha.

there's this one guy who gl in the class during ppl's presentation TSK.
as in after each group's presentation usually tcher will want to hear other ppl's responses / Qns.
then after the 1st and 2nd group end he keep on want to critisize them saying what they should have done.

then since we all dont like him, our group keep fighting back with him for the presenting group.
say until he got nothing to say~ hhahahha. and during our presentation he din say anything.
luckily his groupmate was hospitalised and had to postpone his presentation to next week.
else we'll all critisize back. but too bad... im skipping next week lesson! probably.

kj♥ came to fetch me again after school :D accompanied him to HollandV.
was actually out of school again but we went back, cause dar0 said he feel like trying Makan place's food. hahahah. something happened which was so hilarious. but shall not say :P

went to his house after that to see his muay thai fish~ hahaha.
chilled and all these before its night alreadyy. had dinner over his house, etc etc before going home at 10.30 :) my mum seems to be less tight on my curfew now. happy thing!


i seems to be making my daily summary as what yi na says. hahahh.
anywayy, woke up in the morning and went to Eunos there to find kj♥ , eugene and kejie.
he and his brother and cousin having soccer there :) bought a pandan cake for dar0 too♥

took 854 for the 1st time. didnt know actually so much ppl could board the bus at yck road.
anywayy, since its my first time, overshot the bustop i wanted to alight and had to walk back.
so end up walking to Eunos station to see the map to find where they are. hahaha.

kejie drove us back after that! his ahma cooked spaghetti! :D likes italian food.
both dar0's muay thai couples mate this afternoon!
shortly after one couple mate, the other couple also mate. so cute lorr!
the female will go and help to pick up the eggs that dropped and put them up to the bubble nest.

think u all dont know what im talking about hahahha. nvm. :D
dar0 went out after that to help his mum's tenant settle some computer problems,
before he went to buy Ice Cream Chef ♥ for me! teehee.
went back, took a short nap before the boys started playing their soccer game.

had dinner there too! his ahma could cook awesome food! and i really mean it lorr hahaa.
always eat until so full. gonna put on weight soon T__T so hard to maintain / lose weight le.
especially when you're in poly! class also eat, lecture also eat, break also eat, lunch time also eat.

hahaha. watched The Exorcism of Emily Rose on his desktop afterwards.
wanted to watch it so he downloaded it for me :x
we tilted the screen at an angle so we could lie down while watching!
feels better than GV Gold Class HAHAHA. & by then its around 10 already! time to go home.

tmr's sunday and i gotta go Amk library to do some project work, before going out to shop!
hopefully i manage to get some loots for my CNY with dar0!

oh anyway, created a formspring account. you can ask me anything at :
http://www.formspring.me/justjaslin :D

hope all these wordings didnt kill your eyesight.
abrupt end of post. bb!

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