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This post will just be on helping my love to shift house!

my dar0 shifted house from ceylon road to burnfoot !
now they're all burnfooties instead of ceylonities :D
hahaha. sound so cute.

dar0 shifted on thursdayy. :) just nice maec tutorial was cancelled, so i had no school!
went over at about 11plus or 12plus to help them out!
by then they were already shifting stuffs already. :)
my task for the day is to help shift the muay thai baby fishes~ hahahah.

but before that was helping them shift random stuffs from ceylon to burnfoot.
here and there here and there. then finally the fishes!
dar0 had like 2 big tanks and 2 small ones. kejie was to drive the van while dar0 and i were behind.

i think the baby fishes had a tsunami while in the van hahaha.
cause got one time kejie suddenly braked. he was so stressed cause he had to drive slowly and smoothly hahaa~
i carried the 2 halfmoon baby fish in my hand :D dar0 was carrying whiskey haha~


their burnfoot house!
was bigger than ceylon road's. but kind of miss ceylon already.

anywayyy, everywhere in a mess!
and there's this big big grasshopper on their glass door.

much much bigger than those small ones i've seen!



this was taken by dar0.. he say this one look so cute hahahhaa.
cause the head is tilted!


for all those who wondered how a giant grasshopper's body looked like. hahaha.
make a good art piece lei.



dar0's room's windowS.

hahahha. nice! but the morning sun kills you every morning at 7plus 8am.
with this you wont even need an alarm clock lorr hahahah.

stayed back to help till around 11 plus before dar0 and kejie drove me and yijing home ♥

everyone's so tired :)
chatted with my love on msn before turned in that night :))

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