Prawning at Guilemard!

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hahahhaa just realised i havent been blogging proper for almost a week! hah~
so im all gonna blog them all at one go, while i have the time!
been so busy with schoolwork, exam, dar0, cny, bai nian and all!

and this was taken on last friday i think! second last day of the year before CNY.
my wardrobe badly needs a fix and i havent got time to go out with gfs to get clothes and so on.
schedule was fully packed, so had to last minute and do shopping on my own!

yes shopping, alone. :D shopping alone when u got the moolahs is actually great. hahahaha~
much more freedom and you need not worry about anyone's comments or anything. i like!
so only managed to shop for 2hours around far east before going down to Aljunied to meet up with the rest! - Dar0, sharlyn, eugene, yijing and kejie.

Aljunied is full of tikopehs. Zzz. anywayy, dar0 came fetching us up and we went for crabbing!!
not prawning anymore. hahahha. cause the Geylang prawning there introduced new ponds for crabbing! rates same as prawning, and the crabs not those small small one lorrs!


he and his serious crabbing look HAHAH. =P
he says must be serious so can catch the crab. hahahah.


and botak eugene. forgot what he was telling me.


almost caught one! hahahhaa.

crabbing is so much harder as compared to prawning. prawning suddenly seemed so easy hahah!
but the sense of satisfaction when u catch one crab... is totally different lorr. hahaha.

but since its only crabbing for the first time with no experience, dar0 caught 2crabs! :D
kejie too, and eugene with additional 3 prawns ahahahhaa. so total there was 6crabs~


the 2 which my dar0 caught ((((:

they so funny lorr. once out of the pond where they usually drop on the ground, they try to run away one lorr!! hahahahha. see them running sideways... madness cute hahahaha.
but once kena pinch by pincers... then its another story la... hahaha.

wanted to feast on the crabs after that! but since had to go back to dar0's old house at Ceylon to shift stuffs, left the crabs for later. finally when the things (very heavy ones) were loaded and we're ready to go for dinner, dar0's tire went flat!!

which means all the things had to be carried down and so on. 1st time witness someone change tire! didnt know the car has so many private compartments. hahaha. but then at around that time, his elder bro kedi got into a car accident too. somewhere at marina parade.

some stupid taxi trying to beat the redlight crashed into kedi's car while he was turning. head on.
luckily there's witness, as the taxi driver tried to push the blame to kedi by saying he's speeding and even said that it was his fault (?!) lols~

so happening. anywayyy... went to burnfoot after dar0 changed his tire. mum went crazy that night so dar0 had to drop me off at tampines while i took 969 home :)


my shopping loots for 2hours!! hahahaha~
but mostly is for school. tanktops. hahahahha.


also bought the Liese Hairdye. decided to give it a try, since i had enough of staring at my half black half light brown (which looks like golden) hair for months. makes me look like some ahlian!

personally i dont really trust DIY hairdyes. but read online reviews plus my friends who tried recommended it, so gave it a try. wanted something dark so that it wont be so obvious next time when my roots grow out! so bought the Dark Chocolate color :D get myself ready for CNY!

tried it during some night. but i just think it's so-so. hahahaha. Liese is OVER RATED.
cause had such a hard time with it lorr!!! had to DIY myself, no help from anyone. cause wasnt supposed to let my mum know. and the smell kinda ............. not so nice. hahahhaa.

told myself that im never ever gonna DIY next time anymore, and i would rather sit in a salon to do my hair next time. no need to worry about staining my clothes / hands / face / neck by the hairdye solution.

left it for around 40mins before i washed it off. applied lots of conditioner. :) my hair's still as good now~ results was............. disappointing HAHAHA. maybe cause i din left it on for a longer time, so i could still see the 2 tones difference in my haircolor. just that the lightbrown parts got toned down abit~

so my hair's now dark brownnnn. nobody had spotted the difference yet so far. am glad hahhaha.
and dar0 said its nicer now! ^^v but still........... am never ever gonna DIY again~ =P






and for the past few days prior to that, was busy helping dar0 paint his room after they hadd shifted house~ i accidentally poured one whole lot of STICKY BLACK paint onto dar0's side table.

got him stunned for a second. really stunned. hahaha. was kinda surprised myself too. hahaha.
but aya,....... stuffs like this always happen to me. at home. hahahahh.

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