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long time since i blogged so i blogged like 4 or 5 at one go!
i seperated them into different posts.... hahahhaa. happy reading~

My 2010 New Year Resolutions!

hahahahhaha. ok la i know im abit late for this, but.... hahahha.
my resolutions are always done in Feb. same as for last year! hahaha~

for my last year's resolution... more or less has yet to come to a conclusion.
cause my main resolution was a GPA 3.5 ! fingers crossed*

and for this year i made more! HAHAHHA.
hopefully i fulfill them laa ~ :D

1. GPA 3.5 ! for my year 2 :)

this is gonna be hard cause its year 2! and hopefully i can pull up / maintain or so on~

2. To Recap my Toothpaste after use.
to save me from my brother's naggings or threatenings. hahhhaha.

3. Lose Weight
HAHAHHA. this is gonna be a hard thing when you're in poly. trust me when i say that!


5. Find Work, Save kaching kaching and revamp my room.
mum's not sponsoring so i'll do it myself! :D

6. Be more patient. (!)
being patient is one of my shortcomings which i find it particularly hard to change.
cause sometimes my mind gets the better of my head and stuffs happen tsk...

and the next two are more important ones~

6. To be a more GENTLE Jaslin Tan.

dont laugh! im getting more and more violent already.
boyfriend's always kena elbow / hit by me out of accidental times. hahaha :x

7. Be a better girlfriend! ♥
to be more mature and less of childishness,
be more understanding instead of whatever that is bad. hahaha.

thats all for noww~
shall add in more when i think of it. hahhahaa.

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