Dempseys and Meeting Dawnie

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once in a blue moon you'll see me in specs!
other than in the examination hall HAHHAHA.

but this doesnt looks like me, no?

ANYWAY, I LOOK LIKE IM SO FREE TO BLOG EVERYDAY BUT ACTUALLY IM NOT HAHAHAHA. look at the time which im blogging. seriously.

had my BLAW paper yesterday (friday morning). woke up super duper early like 6am.
which meant i only caught 2hour plus sleep. am so so so glad that i went to do ALL the tutorials.
cause the 3 LAC questions were similar to those given! just that different subject and person's name!

when i read the questions during the reading time, was happy ttm. hahahaha.
cause its like all the skeletal template is in my head! so when paper started i just scribbled down everything fast before i forget them in my head. remembered adeline saying we should do at the most 20mins for each LAC question.

so i finished my 3 LAC in an hour! and the rest the short ans questions in about 30mins.
5minutes to double check and thats when i decided to hand in my paper and leave early.
hahahha. hopefully i didnt get any of the LAC concept wrong, else i'll risk failing.

went off early to avoid traffic HAHAHHAA. went to bugis. :) reached at like 11.30! hahahaha.
super duper early. so went to bugis street to walk walk see see while waiting for dar0 to come. finally bought my black shorts !

dar0 came soon afterwards with kedi. and these two guys went to sim lim to get their computer parts or something. went to parkway to have lunch and then BestDenki to get kedi's speakers ~

and went to burnfoot to rest after that. cause was pretty tired~
was watching the 30 days of night which dar0 had downloaded. but then slept halfway. hahaha.
the show full of vampires suddenly coming into the screen with the loud screeching sound and etc.

so gore. then they kept tearing people's head off or sink their teeth into their neck, or suddenly pop out and pull them into the darkness. hahahaha. although quite fake but still... so gore!!!
decided to sleep while watching halfway. who knows i got awoken by some girl's screams coming from the speakers while sleeping. baskettttt. hahahhaa.


and it was kejie's birthday that day!

went out with his family and grandma to somewhere at beach road for steamboat. :D
ate till around 10 or 10 plus before they decided to go elsewhere for second round!
this time its icecream.

and we ended up at Ben&Jerry at Dempsey Hill. :D
first time going there. quite pretty at night !



me and dar0 shared this!
icecream + M&Ns = instant happiness formula!



and this is Amos. hahahahaha.
first time someone can eat until whipped cream all over face hahahaha.



woke up at a time of 2.30 or 2.40. was so shocked. hahahha.
didnt know if i should go out cause the time is like neither here nor there.

anyway,... went down to bedok north in the end!
went to find dawnie who came to sg~ hahhaha.
sad that she's gonna leave tmrrrrr. and couldnt eat dinner with them.

went to shengxiong's house for steamboat! by then its 8plus already. hahaha.
played blackjack after that. dar0 was the dealer, was kinda losing at first. so shared with him to be dealer.

gosh my heart went on a roller coaster trip lorr. cause all of them played so big! more than hundred bucks on the table for quite a few rounds. was losing quite alot at first!
cut short cut short, lady luck came to us for the last few rounds. dar0 managed to recover his capital. in fact won quite a lot! teeheee. =P and dar0 gave me 70plus bucks for winnings. happy happy ^^ he then sent me home after that around 11plus~

and the pict above was taken from shengxiong's house. can see the custom!! woodlands / tuas i dont know which~ hahaha. so coool. i wanna go KL shop shop!

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