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This was taken last monday i think! :)
at yishunn dam. went there cause its near yishun and i had to go back study that day~

but stillllllllllll........ my holidays are here! HAHAHAHA.

my last paper was on wednesday! was envying sharlyn ttm cause she only had 2 written paper!
and she ended on monday!! hahahaha.

but anywayy, my last paper was on Principals of Accounting!
brought everything to the exam hall but not my calculator!! adjkfhsdlfhld.

accounting got mad many questions that need to do calculations!
and just when the examiner gave out the paper that i realised i left my calculator at home (!!)



so practically i had to do out the calculations myself.
im so glad i attended primary school maths.
and that i rmb how to sum, minus and divide manually. hahaha.

anywayy, bro went out and fell down outside.
went to Mount Alvernier Hospital or something.
now hopping everywhere at home and i had to do his and my mum's bidding.

reason being HE cant move around too much,
and reason being SHE too tired from work. zzz.

like im not tired lor!!!

"meimei, go wash this"
"meimei, help korkor pick that up"
"meimei, after korkor eat finish clean up the table"
"meimei, help me take the clothes"
"meimei, the rubberband drop. pick it up"

on and on.



Friday marks the Second Monversary with my dar0! *inserts never ending hearts*
and im considered grounded for the day cause my mum gave me a pile of housework.
and i had to be my bro's maid for the day.

woke me up early in the morning just to help him open the door cause he ordered Mac Delivery Breakfast!
had nothing to do so jio-ed people to come our house for mahjong instead!! hahahaha.
so call sharlyn and dar0 overrrrr. played and played, won maybe like 50 cents this time.

but i like the Hello Kitty tiles ^^
always let me win mooolahhs. although its just 50 cents this time.
hahahahhahahahaha. cheap thrill again.

had tze char for dinner downstairs with sharlyn dar0 my bro and his gf and called it a day~



woke up in the noon to go Ikea with Dar0, Sharlyn and kejie!
cause its in tampines and had direct bus there, so took 969 there.

who knows some woman accidentally stepped on my leg with her stilettos when she lost her balance.
instant pain!!!! and its not those thin thin stiletto. but the main point is she put her whole weight on it lor!!! and she's also NOT very small size !!

and in case u're wonder why im so careless to stand so close to someone.
but fact is i was standing way way way in the corner. didnt know taking a bus ride could be so dangerous
and she just said "sorry" and turned away. T_Twas limping when i got off the bus. and its on the bone!

the pain got better at first, but somehow even more pain when walking at Ikea.
anywayyy, bought my stuffs at ikea! :D all of us got something for ourself~
was hungry and went to buy the kids meal chicken burger. hahahaha.
didnt know dar0 bought the fish fillet for me already oops.


we checked out and went prawning at farmway 2/3 i think!
the boss there very goood. told us where are the spots with more prawns.
anywayy, 4 of us shared one rod! hahahha.

very very little people there as compared to bishan. and the bites keep getting in~
and one person there also very good. after he caught the prawn he gave it to us! ^^
so we had like 15prawns within the first hour already!
but dar0 and kejie had soccer at 7. so went off earlier~

decided to go home to fix my computer table.
actually wanna change to something more of a side table.
but when i put i find it kinda not nice. so changed back to my computer desk and rearranged them!


now my computer desk looks like this! got space for my lappy to sit alreadyzxz.
and that's my 5 bucks lappy cooler hahahaha. its awesome!
considering that my lappy not cooking any more eggs after i used that~


and i found this while clearing picts from my sony phone!
hahahah. one of the dance practices we had before performance :)


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