Thursday, March 4, 2010

Advert - White-Vainity.Bs




as mentioned few posts back, one of my task-to-do is to revamp my blogshop!
hahahhaa. here it is~ added a few more items to them. please suppport!!

For these two pieces above, these are from tokyo-pretty.lj. [credits to them]
but they're OOS on the web already! and my prices are lower =P

also, since i dont really do auto tagging except for manual tags, which is pretty demanding
flow of customers not very constant! so please visit and support ok~

Have also updated the sales section and adjusted the price.
do leave a tag if you're interested in any item!

First few customers to make purchases entitles you to a mini gift!

Do drop by and visit today! ♥ ^^

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