Planning for Hong Kong

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finally back at home with time to sit down and blog ^^
nah actually im turning in soon. hahahaa.

woke up this morning just to hear that dar0 is going to Tampines Ikea~ with amanda's voice over the phone hahaha. so arranged to meet at Tampines after im done, since i've got straight bus there. but who knows when i came out from the shower, dar0 said he's reaching my house. teehee!

then went over to Ikea for lunch first~ ahahaha. there chicken burger is love!
cause the size just nice hahahaha. and went to find their respective stuffs after that!
Ikea is really good. i love! bought a 7bucks breakfast table the other day.
and now i can blog and do everything from my bed! madness shiokkk.

went to farmway and then sharlyn's house at tampines to fetch her
her fishes gonna breed. ahahhahaa. now dar0's balcony so many fishes. lol!
after being done with the fishes was busy searching online for the hotel rates.

dar0 love is bringing me and mummy to hongkong!! ♥ next month!
hahaha. actually didnt really expect this trip. just that cause actually planned to go genting with dar0 sharlyn eugene they all. but too bad not enough rooms, me and mum cant go.

and my mum kept asking me to tell dar0 that she wanna go hongkong and ask if he could bring us there.
hahahaa. since the genting trip failed, so i went online to search the air tickets and so on~
planning here and there and it's finalised!! so happppy :D

been long since i went overseas! and this time its going with my love!
actually been hard work from him too.. had to help us with all the bookings payments and enquiries. the other day still do until midnight 3plus! hahahaha. smoooches ♥

after the booking and all these its around 9 i guess.
went to Aston's Specialities for dinner with sharlyn too! and i just realised my wallet only left $3.20 LOL. yea but at least i could still pay for the garlic bread. hahahaha.

AND, you gotta trust a woman's instincts. suddenly got the feeling that my mum's gonna call somehow or soon. and the next moment my phone is ringing!! hahahah! i knew it!!!

finish around 10pm before dar0 sent me home! but before that while on the way home i suddenly saw the pasar malam. said i wanna buy candy floss. but after making the U turn i forgot i got no money on me! hahahahaha. dar0 then paid for me~ again. ahahaha. muackzxzz.

reached home, lazed around, watch tv, blog, sleeep!
this is life~ (Y)

&&& i decided not to get too involved with school activities anymore. ahahaha.
dont ask me why, just a sudden feeling. ahahha. but not too sudden either. lol!

goodnight!! ♥
im a happy girl!

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