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Sunday was a boring tralala afternooon.

planned to go out kiting, but again it rained, islandwide
and hence postponed again. and stayed at home to watch teevee instead.
couldnt stand the silence of the house and hence went out for a walk. :D
decided to save the bus fare by walking out to northpoint while getting some stuffs.

was thinking about stuffs while walking, and nearly got bang down by a car .___.
had to cross this road where there's hardly any cars coming in and going out.
was too engrossed and just looked at one lane and forgot the other.
only when i crossed halfway and saw one car coming in then did i realised it.

stunned there for a moment and i stopped right in the middle of the lanes. :x
yea luckily the driver wasnt angry with me or cursed me like how the shows does. lol!


and yea. woke up this morning with slight cramps.
quickly bathed and cooked some porride and canned peanuts for myself. :D
who knows after that i got a tummyache too. and felt like vomiting.
and the whole afternoon was totally like hell.

imagine you having cramps + tummyache + nausea.

wanted to make a hot towel for myself.
but somehow it got worse, and had to sit in the washroom for quite some time.
felt like washing up and get a warm bath but the pain's totally unbearable.
wanted to go rest but my body's not moving.
wish to stand up but i've got no strength.

its like whatever also cannot lorr!!

sat until i got abit better before i managed to wash up.
thought i was better, and decided to go back to my room.
but the moment i got to my room i felt like vomiting. and rushed back to the washroom again .__.
still nothing, and decided to just lie on my mum's bed which is just beside.
want to sleep but the pain's too bad.

called my dar0 and he said i must have got gastric flu.
cause hadnt been eating regularly of late. and i shouldnt have ate the moment i woke up.
aiya.... who knows... cause i also hardly get gastric or anything so didnt know much.
but at least i felt abit better after talking to him :D

after putting down the phone i almost vomited again.
swear i almost want to stab myself dead.
and its just 4plus only lorr. house no panadol no medicine no nothing.
dont even have strength to go downstairs and get some.
and finally somehow i manage to fall asleep. thank god.

woke up at evening~ went downstairs to get porridge. but the stall's closed. T.T
where got people 7.30pm close shop one lorr... didnt know what i could and could not eat.
end up buying biscuits for dinner. ahaha.

long day for me. and its time for me to sleeep.
goodnights :D

yea and cramps + tummyache + nausea kills.

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