Tip to cleaning Stirling silver jewelry

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found a youtube video the other day on tip to cleaning stirling silver jewelry!
cause everytime i wear a necklace / bracelet, it gets less shiny over time.

and decided to try it out myself. it works!!
see... made a comparison. before & After. hahahhaa.
so i shall blog about it :D

You'll need :

#1. Baking Soda (NTUC should have)
#2. Aluminium Foil
#3. Hot boiling water


wrap the aluminium foil on a shallow bowl.
with shiny side facing up!

then put in your jewelry~


then cover it with baking soda!

no need be too stingy on that part la... cause one big box of it is available at like 1.80?


make sure u have hot water on hand! preferrable just boiled finish.

then poured it over~
please dont be dumb and put ur head over the bowl.

cause i think there's some chemical reaction.
and there's some gas or something. no matter what just dont be dumb can alr laa haha.

yeaaa some people say just leave it there for 15mins~30mins.
or u can keep repeating the process :)


the outcome!!!

hhahahahahha. i feel like a genius lorr. hahahaha.
its like spanking clean and neww. bling bling back again.
can compare the difference already.

i didnt photoshop it!




see so shiny. hahahahhaa.

could even see one of the hearts had a "Tiff & Co" words imprinted on it.
only after that did i realise the necklace dar0 gave me was from Tiff&Co too. lol!
yea he's gonna suan me about it already hahaha.

anyway... hope it helped! ;D

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