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suddenly dawned to me that i forgot to update LOL.
yep but have been updating a bit over at my livejournal blog.
same address, just change blogspot to livejournal. :)

school just started yesterday. but i must kinda say i really really like my timetable!
cause most of the days i end damnn earlyy.
except for mondays where my lecture ends at 4 and tuesday at 5.

but usually given my character, i usually skip lectures which makes me end at 1pm for everyday.
and 12noon on thursday. is that fabulous or what. hahaha. but im still kind of worrying for my project mates for modules other than my business comm 2 module. im like totally alone in other classes cause my cliques are totally seperated. okay, i kinda know most of the other classmates, but..... you know. the clique thing. kinda worriedd.

dar0 had also been picking me up from school recently. ^^ feel so ....... happy~ teehee. ♥

anyway, just started play poker on facebook!! hahaha. cause the other day when i went to npds chalet, they kind of taught me how to play and i won quite a bit. LOL. yeapp, so was on poker recently. but damnnnn, my school network blocks poker!! so have to use my internet stick. which is still very lag. :(

went over to my love's house just now after school. my sick baby fishy is recovering!! so happy.
but my these two smaller fishy are mal-nutritioned ones. as in, not the correct size. growing up very sloww. but these few days might be bringing home 2 more baby fishes! now is halfmoons.

intending to bring one green and maybe purple for my momo.
dar0 has a fishy empire LOL.

tomorrow's school again. dar0 coming to pick me up again! ♥
hopefully there's nice movies in theatres so maybe we could catch a movie or something.

okayy actually im just ranting much here LOL. sorry not much pictures. =P

AND, please help me click on the advert!! ending on 22april.
but this advert pays so little. only 20 30 cents!! cheap thrill!! hahahaha.


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