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its monday blues again. and have to wake up like 6.30am in the morning. boo.

anyway, had an awesome weekend! :D

saturday went to my dar0's house and we went out to buy some BBQ food.
wanted to have a mini bbq at yishun dam, but decided to stay in as it was raining of late :)
so was bbq-ing at his house. hahahaha. been long since i last bbq and dar0 rmbered what i said!
still thinking of dory fish fillet! i'll try to post some pictures up soon!

and sunday was spent beaching. wanted to learn skimboarding but failed cause the board was too heavy. LOL. and moreover the wind was blowing in the opposite direction. so me and yijing failed. hahaha. spent the rest of the time in the water was it was effing cold when the wind blew.

dar0 was super mean to be cause he kept carrying me up and dunk me back when the wave approach. sdfkjsdfhsdhgkdfg. you!!! totally keep sabo-ing me. tskkk.

washed up and headed to chompchomp for awesome food and beancurd. :))))

Awesome bbq + awesome beach + awesome dinner = awesome weekend :D

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