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teehee. sorry for not blogging of late. cause had beem pretty busy with this and that. and with the fact that there's loads of hk pictures to sort and edit and to post to facebook. and for the weekend, had been away for chalet. and i won like 10bucks. just nice to cover the chalet fees. awesomee.

anyway, also did went beaching yesterday (sunday) with dar0 and his cousins. had a great time there. :D and all thanks to dar0 who carried me into the water and got me wet from top to toe. tried building sandcastles but i gave up LOL. but at least i manage to fly my kite darn high :D

and the guys were trying to surf / skateboarding the waves (i forgot the term) and was pretty hilarious. hahahaha. pictures up sooooon. gonna stay at home the whole day tomorrow and so i should have time to do up a decent blog post.

oh and also, had been busy taking and posing pictures for my blogshop. brought back from clothes from hongkong to sell. :) am a awesome blogshop owner. but still... everything's halfdone. hahahahaha.

and my dearest dar0 teo kejun is gonna fly tomorrow. although he's just gonna be at genting highland with his cousins, its still overseas right!! gonna miss him loads, and i only get to see him 6days later which is sunday. how can people go there for so long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(inserts many more complains)

sigh mannn. most prolly will do some part time job to kill time. dar0 ah, take care of yourself pleasee. although u will be having a whale of time there gambling. ahahaha.

will you miss me or your fish more? teehee.
love ya! ♥

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