effing long day!!

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omg i swear i could totally drop dead if i were to lie down on my pillow now.
totally was such a long day, which i spent only 7hours at home over the last 24hours.
with the rest being in school / spent on transport time.
went out in the morning earlier hoping i could catch the shuttle bus and catch up with some sleep.

who knows!!! shuttle bus is crowded like some apple pie cheesecake that i regretted taking.
next time i would rather stand all the way to clementi and change buses from there.

went school for tutorials and stuffs. wanted to blog but my uploading of pictures failed.
so ya, maybe another time. busy busy day. after lunch went for lecture which stretched until 5pm.
though i spent most of my time knocking out on my laptop. met up with fangjie and headed for dance after that.

first time in months that i went back. rusty like hell. so much temptations. damn. T_T
anyway, freshies came in for dance too. :) their lesson dragged for quite some time.
and i give up on advanced chacha. hahahaha. cause too long never go. but today picked up Samba!
am actually quite looking forward to samba. but most of our time we were dancing on our toes for samba. like the beat :D

and after samba played with the chacha formation. dont think would be joining, but was playing around and learning the opening dance moves and all that. funky. by the time its like 10.20pm already!! legs were aching like mad and was dancing in heels for 4hours straight.

moreover, i already had my right leg aching since this morning for no rhyme or reason.
and with the dance its like totally killer. after dance ended all went off with their boyfriends leaving me alone at bustop waiting for bus. lol! where's my dar0. =P

yea and by the time i reached home its near midnight~
just had my dinner and i think better to get some shuteye soon.

ANYWAY, i went for my lecture today. like finally. hahahaha. i have like 4lectures per week, and this is the 4th lecture i had attended ever since school started 3 weeks ago. HAHAHAHA.

okay byebye!
i swear my leg is killing me. couldnt even walk properly when i got off the bus!!

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