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hadnt been updating for long!!
reason being school is really getting busier by the week and dont really have time to update!

had an awesome weekend last week, with dar0's soccer friends making me laugh until i suffer from stomach cramps. can you believe them, 2 cars on the road, throwing water bottles and shooting rubber bands into each other cars at traffic light junction; and the most stunning part is when they opened the back door at one traffic light junction and splashed water onto dar0's friend's car who was behind. LOL. hell epic.

even some passenger in a taxi was stunned hahahaha.

sunday went for prawning and had dinner at astons with dar0's relatives and his soccer mates again. Dinner at Astons! with eugene wong trying to flirt with some gay waiter. tskkkkk!!

right now its monday again. which means even more tutorial work and projects are piling up as its heading E-Learning week soon. gotta tie up all lose ends and revise revise! not gonna hug buddha's leg at the last moment. hopefully.

tomorrow's tuesday again. dont know if i should go dance or not. not they're starting samba, i like. but im afraid i dont have time to finish up my work. arghhh.

and for my course, its time to decide what im going to major in. im thinking of Marketing, as it seemed like the best to me. need to seek out company for attachments! sigh!!! mad busy!!

hadnt seen my dar0 for today. and i dont think im gonna see him tmr either.
i miss you!! :)

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