Short fringe!

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had my fringe cut short! although its shorter than i expected it to be, but still.... hahaha.

yeap and my teokejun love brought me to Crytal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao on wednesday!
went to the Toa Payoh one and regretted ordering two la-mian. cause the bowl is superb big!
and xiao long bao was great as usual. awesomee. and bill came up to 24 bucks!

i was expecting 23.50 with all the GST and Service Charge, and he said 25.
and this fella keep saying 25 is nearing to 24 cause 24 needs to round up. lolol.
feel like smacking him.... hahahaha.

anyway, went to Amk to watch The Karate Kid with Dar0!
awesome show, and Jayden Smith (?) is very good.
but you guys should also go watch A-team! super-very hilarious.

went home after tabao dinner from Chong Pang and dar0 was helping me to format the comp with Windows 7. and i've just finish installing Audition, Maple, Adobe, Msn, Chrome and alot more la.. hahahaha.

my blogshop sales are still kinda stagnant but i manage to sell out a few.
gonna update with more stuffs cause there's still some which i brought back from HK but forgot to take picts of them.


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