Liese Hairstyling Gel

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the Liese Hairstyling Gel which i think is good! i was using the pink one.
they just varies according to their holding power. :)
not like those wax that says it'll help hold your hair for a airy feel or whatever. bulls.

this is good! :)

friday night... saturday morning now..
the 5th going 6th consecutive day that i had stayed at home.
and my teokejun's not back in sg yet. apparently the car he's driving had an overheated engine right just after they came down from genting. was sent to some indian mechanic to repair but that indian mechanic just scammed them of 600RM for repair fees. apparently, the car couldnt start up even after the guy said it was done.

i mean... wth. really trust no one when you're in malaysia.

so right now the whole lot of them stayed back for another night at KL.
dont even know if they'll be back tomorrow. wthhhhhhh.
originally i thought i wont be seeing him for like 2 days cause i could find him after they came back on thursday. but eventually they stayed back for another day, and with the car breakdown all this and that, its been going 5days already. sian 3/4 already.

my holiday's ending and im spending everyday of my last week at home.
i got no life. damn!!! how sad can that be. and i just spent my whole day doing next week's tutorial.

actually the whole day i've been thinking of Seoul Gardens. LOL.
the last time i ate at seoul gardens was during my birthday last year. like 10 months ago?!?!
but the problem is, nobody likes to eat there cause everyone thinks the food is limited and sucky and overpriced. wanted to ask my bro to eat with me. but he's on a diet and it doesnt seem like a good idea.

actually there's quite a number of outings where some people suggested seoul gardens.
and the rest would go "EWWWWWWWW. dont want. so not worth it."


sad case. so many sad case this month. june is a sad case month. :(
and i dont even know when i can get to see teokejun. sadder case.

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