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LAST Yellow Original Vuvuzela for sale! :)

buy through me and its only at $30!
well,.. if you buy it in South Africa / Brazil or etc and when u convert to SGD its still around 20+
and Ebay is selling 20 plus without shipping fees, so you should consider buying it!

interested parties could contact me by leaving a contact / emailing me. :)

my dar0 teokejun came over in the morning to fetch me today ♥
went to forgot-where to meet up with Eugene after his church and went to eat katong laksa! om-nom-nom. havent ate nice laksa in a long time! shit its making me hungry now.

went over to his house and slacked the day watching Transformers 2. oh and before that, those two guys were discussing whether they should place bets on the WorldCup not. Eugene got psychoed into buying LOL. both of them bought england after standing outside the Singapore Pool studying who has the higher chances / probability of winning.

i was thinking of whether to buy not, cause i was not really interested in WorldCup nor do i watch it at all. but its like you have the sudden gut feeling you know. but its not that im trying to blow horns ok!

eugene was saying over lunch that the TNP mentioned England has a higher chance of winning. then its like when they said "England", something hit me straight in the gut like "England wont win". im serious!!! the feeling's super weird!!! especially when im thinking whether england would win or not.

so i was thinking all the way from lunch till Singapore Pools. dar0 kept asking me if im sure i wanna buy Germany anot, and he dont know whether to follow me or not lol!! cause i dont even know which team is good or what not. and i also dont know whether to tell him to follow not. what if my gut feeling was due to some moment of insanity and England won how?!?!? it'll be like so paiseh la. so in the end i just bought $5!

went home earlier just now so we all could watch the match at 10pm. was trying to search for online streaming to watch it. especially when my whole neighborhood was like shouting "GOALLLLLLLL" and lots of the vuvuzela sounds just 20 minites into the match LOL.


so happening suddenly. and the match ended with Germany 4-1. :))) and i won like....... 7bucks after deducting the 5. hahahahaha. cheap thrill. but its still $$ right. hahaha. ok im only interested when my kaching kaching is involved LOL.

Ok school starting tomorrow. and im left with 3hours ++ of sleep damn!!

love you dar0! i love your hugs ♥

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