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im currently blogging in class!

am just done with my table topics presentable on the topic of corruption.
was totally trembling. must be from the cold and from the presentation.
and i tremble only when i've finished lor!! must be something wrong with me.

anyway, dar0 brought me to watch Eclipse yesterday after his work at Cathay AMK. :))
he says its draggy but i think its quite ok. cause i read the book! lousy pig. i wanna catch Despicable Me to watch them hehehahahahahhehehehahahahehehhahahehahehahehahahhaa .

other than that....... weekend was still okay. dar0 came over to stay on saturday :)
and went to his house on sunday to slack and pop by for amanda's birthday party.
the guys were watching 'The Crazies' which they downloaded and i seriously dont know why they like such movies lor. gore.. people killing people.. demons tearing people's head off and all that. Most of the movies he downloaded were of the same category!

i've got high tolerance for horror but not for gore/ killing eewwwwwwww.

school term shall be ending soon in 2weeks + time! till then it will be holiday from August onwards. but it also simply meant a study break la, just that it will be longer cause of the YOG :)
but still..... i still feel super tired when i wake up everyday


thats the most frustrating thing.

gonna be a busy week ahead again!! (L)

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