My date with World Cup

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My Date with World Cup 2010

Well, i hadnt been a world cup fan right from the start, even when WorldCup2010 kicks off. cause all along i thought it was pretty waste of time for me as i dont understand the game, and i still dont understand how people could stay up as late as 4am just to watch till the last minute.

until Germany's and England's match. my first bet was on Germany and that was also the first match i watched! (partly cause i invested $$ in it!) for the subsequent matches i just watch, only if i did place my investments. LOL.

Well i dont know about what politics between the countries / the players, where people detested this country or another, but what really impressed me was germany's teamwork! thats when i started to root for germany from then on, cause i hadnt really seen a nice match after ger-england match. (well i hadnt faithfully watched all either .. lol)

Germany's victory against england and argentina. and their last match in WorldCup with a defeat to Spain 0-1!.

Spain really did better in this semi finals match. Whatever germany was good at, Spain was good too, but a lil bit better. Its like they know what the germans had in mind! Spain had great teamwork too and they deserved their place at the finals.. (although im still sad for germany). Perhaps its with Thomas Mueller being suspended and Podolski's foot injury that prevented them from being at their best.

Nevermind Germans, you've far exceeded expectations placed on you guys, and it'll be your time again in 4 years!! (L)

On a sidenote, was pretty pissed off today when this girl (my friend too actually) was like talking big and was practically mocking at germans supporters in such a sarcastic tone. I mean, people's already sad enough about it and you dont really have to remind them.

sarcastic stuffs, i can never stand it.

so i was commenting about it on my facebook and in turn i got a mini lecture from teokejun cause he thought i was worked up plus i used vulgarities. was kinda upset cause teokejun keep lecturing and lecturing me regarding soccer stuffs.

was merely just pissed off with the girl and i need somewhere to vent it out. and when i get pissed off i tend to use words like "stfu". think he didnt like it.

nvmm, WorldCup coming to an end!! guess i wont be too bothered by it and it will be!!

no more soccer stuffs for me!!!!

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