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wanted to upload pictures but photobucket is giving me problems,
been too exhausted these few days with so much sleep debt to repay.

practically rushed through tight due dates for my project and at the same time trying to finish up my tutorials. so that leaves me with roughly 3~4hours per sleep per day. what a week to adjust back my body clock.

have just managed to scrape through AAA for awhile, but guess i'll be back to doing reports and counting down to duedates for the projects we've yet to start, fantastic.

anyway, just now met up with shiyun deardear! :) thought it would be a sunny day with bugis street, i wore just spag top out with no jacket whatsoever. AND IT POURED LIKE MAD. bestest. and i was constantly in and out of heavy rains for... 4 times. not counting slight drizzles. its when i finally got dry, i have to brace the rain again!!

while waiting at the traffic light junction for dar0 (no shelter), the constuction workers behind at the construction site even asked if i want to borrow his umbrella. so nice. but i declined anyway. and he said i was waterproof. lmao!

by then water is already dripping from my head and i was hugging my laptop this time like mad. well i used my laptop to cover myself for first two times LOL but i guess my laptop deserved better. :P then this very nice uncle came over to me and said something like "help you shield from the rain". and i realised his umbrella was very big. nice uncle! :)))

so went around with dar0 and his cousins and brothers here and there and had dinner at Simpang. headed home after that to watch the Brazil match.


first half was well and good. brazil managed to see through their defences and score a quick goal just 10 minutes or so into the game. but after halftime... WHAT HAPPENED????

Brazil must have been really over confident, where Holland was surprisingly good and damnn!! 2-1!! luckily i shared my bets with sharlyn. but im more looking forward to the Germany vs Argentina match tomorrow. Germany will win!!! i dont give a care on what you guys commented on facebook!

ok thats all yet. my brain is squeezed dry.
shall give myself a treat by not touching any tutorials / project work tonight!!

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