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Yesssssss im like 70% free from projects works!!
most of my major module's presentation and project ends today.
just left with my IS Social Psychology project due on next thursday.

today isnt a very good day to began with anyway.
pouring like mad and reached school just to realised that our tutor was &^%&^$^-ing.
got A- or B+ for our presentation (although its a pity but we're very satisfied!)
but that doesnt includes the deduction marks she's gonna reward us for being late.

other classes late also never........ zzzzzz.

went to Art Friend afterwards! saw this furry furry ball there and i think im gonna get it when i own a pet hamster next time. everything PINK. pink hamster beddings would be so could. and maybe perfected with robo dwarf hamster / sapphire winter white. you know, those never grows up one. (Y)

haha but i guess it will be like years later. zz
momo against of having hamsters in the house cause she says it stinks. .______.

anyway! gonna stay home tomorrow so i'll have ample time to blog!
and my dar0 is gonna stay over tomorrow again! :)

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