Testing waters

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im just like $3.50 away from the 50 dollar paycheck!
Muah Muah!!


got the sudden urge to do a quick post! am now waiting for my next class.
FIT report was so sad. cause we got a grade of about C+ D+ as she said our content doesnt really flow.

anyway, i had been trying to upload pictures but photobucket is such a chore.
not that its a chore, but its not loading at all. ESPECIALLY WHEN I WANNA BLOG.

yesterday my mum suddenly talked to me about braces.
actually i did retainers when i was in primary school. had a super horrible experience chewing into some green green stuffs for them to get a ... idk, mold? of my teeth shape. the moment i chew into it i almost want to puke. LOL.

but i had straight set of teeth! after waking up to sore gums every morning.
but who knew i outgrew it and my mum didnt bring me back for follow ups or what.
and now my teeth isnt straight anymore. Sooooo... i told my mum i want to have my braces done.

just testing the water to see what she says.
SO, having rejected me for a few months, yesterday she suddenly brought up about braces, saying her friend's daughter did it too, telling me in detail how i have to have my teeth plucked, sore gums, wear duno what to sleep every night. and she said the word "every" like 5 to 6 times. so hilarious. LOL.

she was attempting to scare me out of it. LOL.

and she ended it with "so you consider whether u want to do it anot ah".

does this means she's considering to let me go for braces if i want? HAHAHA.
actually im abit vain. Ok la, quite vain, but not satisfied with my teeth.
cause it looks ........... not nice in pictures. HAHAHA.

should i do it not arghhhhhh. im just afraid of the teeth plucking process.
cause i dont know what extent of pain i can tolerate. my friends said i should do it when i blogged about it the other time. and i have friends who said my teeth isnt very crooked, why put myself to it.

i just want to do my top set of teeth. but i heard alot dentists dont allow. O.O
i have a neighborhood dentist too........... but i dont know if they do braces. if they do then it'll be pretty convenient!

my mum says its pretty expensive. was thinking of telling her that i will repay her when i have a stable income next time, IF, IF im really dead set on doing it. hmmmm

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