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had been out the whole late afternoon and evening at the beach!
with kejun87 unicornflyshighs pompeepeeeugene and the 3 small kids!!

sharlynunicornflyshigh was very nice to help take pictures! :D

i shall not post all the other pictures first cause by the time i finished editing / resizing / uploading it will be too late for me! cause i'll be working full shift at work tomorrow and i have to wake up at 7.30!

anyway, was at work on saturday, whole day. started with sinus in the morning and colleagues keep asking if i was okay. met new colleagues, and there was this guy Naim, told me lots of gossips LOL.

like which manager good or not good, what i can/cannot do and etc. much more relaxing! (cause i heard the strict manager got transferred to Takashimaya outlet). hahaha. and of course, was more enthusiastic in the morning and made 1.3k++ sales in the morning alone! whoop whoop.

but after lunch and towards evening time i got lazy and made a total of only about 2k++ sales. one of the senior staff there told me to head home early at 8plus instead of 10plus cause i kept coughing away. and dar0 came over to fetch me and stayed over :)

so spent the whole night watching the drama 'Love' and did not study! hehe. and went out the whole day today again. been long since i ever brought kids out! kinda tiring or rather its kind of a blast.. hahaha. especially when Arthur dipped my brother's kite line thing into the sea. like as if he just shot me through the head.

cause its my bro's and he's very particular about it. all the strings and ballbearings. so worried it'll go rusty. but he's still a kid, cant really blame him. lol.

anyway, before that Dar0 bought 2 Nemos at the yishun aquarium shop!! one orangey and one blackie nemo. hahah. waited for a while before they shipped in the nemos!! had place the 2 nemos together with the small fish 'Johnson' we caught at ECP. forgot to take picture!

Nemos so cute. actually i never really watched the movie starring Nemo and his friends. lol. but they are so afraid and timid! the shopkeeper say they can easily get afraid and suffer from heart attack. lol! Johnson at first also like that, kept swimming and hiding in between the filter. now swimming everywhere in the tank. mad cute!!

anyway, am working full shift tomorrow! shall not stay up too late. :)

i wanna save up and do braces! dar0's kinda against it cause he says it looks kinda fake, cause by then i will be too straight and perfect. but cannot la, i've been hesistating about braces ever since i was in Primary 1. (school dentist keep recommending me to go, but by then i am already too vain to do it) LOL.


i kept thinking i wont be pretty looking anymore if i were to wear braces. but when i finally relented (reluctantly), surprisingly i only did retainers. and i had a straight set of teeth then!! but i was still a kid. i grew out of my retainers and my teeth had its own mind and went running front and back.

and now i had set my mind on going for it!! have been contemplating for a very long time, and when i see how my good friends has such a pretty smile after taking off their braces, my self esteem dipped. LOL.

i have already gotten over the part on persuading my mum!! now is just .... i dont know. waiting for myself to go find / call the dental for appointment! preferably after my exams. MUST!!!

im such a vain pok. teeheehee. bo bian!! deep rooted in me. im already vain ever since Primary 1 LOL.

and on a sidenote, dar0 was very sweet recently to tell me out of the blue that im beautiful / pretty. i told him i dont have a pretty smile but he said it looks more natural that way. (heart melts a bit) its not that im trying to put it in a way which sounds very bu yao lian or pretentious, but not many guys nowadays use the word 'beautiful' anymore. all mostly just say 'chio' or 'pretty'. love you dar0!

btw, updated my blog playlist with JaySean- 2012. i think its nice!
and a few songs over the last few days! go go listen. :)

and please do help me click on the advert hao ma? ^^ its ending in 2 days time.. hoping to reach the 50 dollar paycheck mark!! muahs muahs!!


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