Typical day

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had been trying my darnest best to blog my photobucket is loading when i tried resizing down the pictures. so sorry! anyway its just my granny's dinner post. hahaha.

My typical day
my social psychology lesson's the last lesson today which it also marks the end of my study semester! was kinda .... idk. i felt kinda inferior about my individual work and project work which we were told to do, cause the first group did it like damn in-depth, secondary research and so on.

you know, usually its the first group which sets the standard bar right?

yea so i was kinda upset cause the presentation was freaking long. and it kinda built on me something along the way like "isnt presentations supposed to be kept short and sweet?". yea and i tweeted saying i dislike the first group for that. and i supposed one of the groupmates saw that cause he came over and asked about our groups' progress, and mine too. hahaha!!

yeaaa and it took 2 and half hours for three group's presentation which is like.... 50minutes per group??? and our group was just 30mins. so.... you can see the difference anyway.

and this one guy, we were told to do a one page long summary for one advertisement. and he did it almost 10pages long report style, charts, graphs, visuals all in. Thanks for making me feel great about myself.


shall not elaborate. anyway, i brought 2 pckts Mamee to class cause tutor called it a potluck day! but sadly only a few brought. but i think the money spent is well worth cause i saw people smiling while opening the packet to eat hehehe.

class kinda dragged awhile so by the time i ended it was 5.20. which means its peak period already. decided not to take bus home cause it will probably jam at Amk / lentor / SLE / PIE so i took train instead.

but still. THE. SAME. the crowd is max scary and you're squished to the door. well at least it wasnt me. and people were all squeezing here and there and i wasnt spared either. had to hug my lappy and got blood clots on my arms and sore arm muscles after that. damnnnn. and my ass hurts. cause of badminton. i dont know why LOL. or maybe cause i climbed too much stairs.

yeaaa and went to collect my pastamania card and walked home. :)
indulged abit in myself by buying magazines to read and ........ yea nothing else.
but how come i get the feeling i spent alot today? hahaahhaa.

yup and that marks the end of my boring to school and after school journey!

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