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hehehe. my blogposts are getting more and more pictureless.

cause to upload picture i will have to transfer to my comp, edit it, upload to photobucket, resize (takes alot time cause photobucket keeps hanging and i have to do it one by one so painstakingly and to copy the codes to blogger)

and that explains why im always procrastinating hehehe.
anyway, yesterday noon went over to joanne's house to play mahjong cause my bro said i owe me 2 rounds of mahjong say i keep put him aeroplane. but truth is his timing always not correct and damn last minute!!

so Ok lor go. her parents bought like 14 big durians of D24. so shiok. but play mahjong until my bro eat me $21 bucks wth lor. 3 against 1 cause her dad / songrong / joanne was tagging together. erm, in a sense la. but they all lose and my bro won 40 plus in the end. damn qi ghek!!

he kept play 4 tai, and people who let him win pay $3.20. so alot rounds i pay $1.60. little but adds up alot! plus when i played big, he 1-tai 2-tai then hu. walaooos. he win people money like not paiseh one lor. 80 cents one round also want!! if i win people alot money already i wont hu if i 1tai 2tai.

end up he keep eating me wth lor!! and after the game finish, he staying at joanne house. and asked me to make my own transport back. Thanks ar.

luckily dar0 managed to brighten my day cause he said we're gonna have a mini bbq session at seletar dam! actually its near punggol already cause we went in very deep into the new seletar west road all the way. the guys wanted to try their luck at fishing there!

so there was sharlyn eugene yijing kejie ruijing and juntat. dar0 remember me saying i wanted a mini bbq so we had one yesterday. cause today's lunar 7th month and i cant really stay out tooo late. hahaha. went home, bathed, surf net abit and crashed!!

went to Jollycare at United Square to work again! Part Time. am still waiting for Timberland to call me for my part time job offering. hmmmm. stanley said they'll call so i guess i can only wait! quite boring ley.. i got nothing to do. cause i dont know anything about eyewear / lens / skills so i can only sit here and use my lappy. from audi to maplesea to facebook to twitter to guide to life hahahhaa.

currently waiting for time to pass and dar0 to pick me up! he's now waiting to pick my mum up i think. hahaha. gonna stay over my house tonight! :D

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